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Sample Nebraska Dental License

Nebraska Dental License

To obtain a Nebraska dental license one can only obtain from the Nebraska Board of Dentistry. You can check whether your dentist has a license or it is valid with the help of Nebraska dental license lookup tool.

Learn how to apply for your Nebraska Dental license and how to use the Nebraska dental license lookup tool.

How do I get a dental license in Nebraska?

To obtain a dental license you should apply to the Nebraska Board of Dentistry. The application process is straightforward and you will need to take the following steps, to be able to become a licensed dentist in Nebraska.

Firstly, submit a proof of graduation with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree or a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from an accredited school or college of dentistry.


Secondly, pass the National Board Dental Exam approved by the Board of Dentistry both Part I and Part II, constructed and administered by the American Dental Association Joint Commission on National Dental Exams.

Thirdly, pass the practical exam administered by the Central Regional Dental Testing Service or any other regional or state practical exam approved by the Board of Dentistry.

After that, pass a jurisprudence exam approved by the board that is based on the Nebraska statutes, rules, and regulations governing the practice of dentistry and dental hygiene.

And, if required by the board submit the proof of continuing clinical competency.

Nebraska Dental License renewal

All dental licenses issued by the Department will expire on March 1 of each odd-numbered year. The Board will contact you 30 days before the expatriation date. And, will send you the detailed information on how to renew the license.

Moreover, on or before the expiration date you must complete 30 hours of acceptable continuing competency requirements in the 24-month preceding the expiration date of the credential.

How long does it take to get a Nebraska dental license?

To become a licensed dentist in Nebraska is quite hard. The Board of Dentistry requires to complete courses, graduate from a university and pass several exams. It may take you several years to be able to apply for the Nebraska Dental license. Moreover, you should have either a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree or a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. After passing the exams you should pass a practical exam to show your clinical skills.

In short, to become a licensed dentist may take you several years. And, after submitting to the Board all the required documents, you will have to wait several weeks to get your license.

Does Nebraska accept ADEX?

The Nebraska Board of Dentistry has determined ADEX will be accepted for Dental license applications. But, a passing score for each exam is determined by the respective testing agency. The Board will accept ADEX with a patient based periodontal exam. The score should be at least 75.

Does Nebraska accept CDCA?

The Nebraska Board of Dentistry accepts CDCA with either the CDCA Patient based Periodontal Exam or the CRDTS Patient based Periodontal Exam. The passing score of the exam is at least 75.

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