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Sample Nebraska Private Investigator License

Nebraska Private Investigator License

Actually, NE requires all detectives to obtain a Nebraska Private Investigator License to be eligible to work for themselves or start a business. The permit enables you to prove your professional skills. The licensure process is not that hard. You just have to complete a training course, take an exam and make applicable payments.

General Requirements for Nebraska Private Investigator License

There are several conditions for obtaining the PI certificate. Those points are quite similar to requirements that detectives must meet in Alaska. In order to gain the permit, you should take into account that there are some rules you have to follow. First, to become a Full Private Detective you need to be

  • at least 21 years old
  • a United States citizen or legal inhabitant
  • in good mental health.

Besides, the applicants should also have:

  • a decent criminal and personal record
  • a $10,000 security bond

These are the minimum preconditions to obtain the permit. Other major points are connected with skills, education, and instructions.


You should submit your application to the local Secretary of State. Afterward, you must file a Release of Information form. The applicants have to attach two photographs. Also, evidence of education and proficiency is required. You must provide your fingerprints, proof of payments, and surety bond as well.

Experience and education

In this province, it is mandatory for operatives to have work experience. Only then you can get the licensure. If you have no degree, at least 3,000 hours of field-related skills are required. However, if you have an associate’s degree the conditions differ. In this case, 2,500 hours of work history is considered adequate. At the same time, the requirements are different if you have a bachelor’s degree or a similar discipline. This time, only 2,000 hours of prior experience is demanded.

The exam

The NE Secretary of State Division of Licensing is the organizer of the exam. It includes questions regarding the rules of the province’s Private Detective Act. In case of a failure, you should wait 21 days to have the right to retake it.

About the training

There is no training provided by the Secretary of State. That is to say, you should find training on your own. In general, future operatives register for courses related to criminal justice and law. Other fields include investigations and courts of law. These studies are related to the sphere of investigation. Even more, they will significantly assist your future profession.

Nebraska Private Investigator License Fees

The initial application fee is $50. However, the agencies should pay $100. In addition to these payments, the applicants should pay $38 for a background check. The permit’s renewal costs $100. Also, note that all of these charges are non-refundable. To put it another way, you cannot get the money back.

Renewal details

The deadline for permit renewals is due June 30, on even-numbered years. Prior to the expiration date, you will be notified by email. In other words, the email will include all required documents and materials. Also, make sure to submit the application for continuation by June 1st. In this way, you are going to receive your renewed certificate before the expiration date.

About salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) records show that operatives in Nebraska earn $60,240 per year. In order to have a higher salary, you need to widen your list of clients. For that reason, you shall gain a good reputation as a professional. The highest salary in this field is about $96,950.